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The GOP Won’t Be Able to Save America in 2016

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015
The elites have been selecting our presidents I believe since 1964. With the sole exception of Reagan (who the RINOcracy despised), we have had an establishment elite vetted and approved Republican or Democrat (2 wings of same dirty corporatist/globalist bird) commander in chief for the past half century. I don't believe 2016 will be any different. The elites are already pumping up another "Clinton/Bush" match up. Unfortunately, a more authentic conservative with a Biblical worldview such as a Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee can't win in my opinion since there are so many self-professing Christians who don't think and vote in accordance with God's Word and are still in the "any RINO is better than any Democrat" Matrix Mindset. I could be wrong, but in my heart I know we are not anything close to the country we were in 1980 culturally, morally and spiritually. Barring any massive spiritual revival and reformation, our nation is in for a very bumpy ride. And the GOP can't save us...