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5 Responses to “Buy Bactrim Without Prescription”

  1. Stacy Harp Says:

    John’s words are true and good – but the music in this piece is as annoying as ever!

  2. Kerry Morgan Says:

    He forgot to mention the fact that the clergy checked the church out of politics 100 years ago because they falsely taught, and still teach, that it is more spiritual to win souls than win elections. Now God has not abandoned us? No, not really, he is actually judging us. He is judging us on a lot more than sex. Our lust for credit without the ability to repay is a form of presumption on God — that He will supply us tomorrow with what he has not given us today. We also vote for the lesser of two evils in our idolatrous party (Republican or Democrat) rather than voting for better candidates in a third party. These are acceptable Christian sins that Christians do and do with impunity. Between the clergy’s failures and our love of the party at all costs what is God suppose to do? He is judging us, not just the pornographer and adulterer.

  3. James West Says:

    When God totally forsakes something, judgment ensues, and soon. The passage upon which MacArthur rests his argument is Rom. 1. The primary interpretation in that passage is personal and societal, but not national. It is individuals whom God gives up to uncleanness, to lesbianism, to homosexuality, to vileness, and to debased minds, and the results continue in a whole host of sinful manifestations (vs. 2-32). Again, this is a personal judgment. The term, “God gave them up,” simply means that God delivers them to the consequences of their own vile conduct and unbelief. Yet, even so God does not shut the door to such persons. The fact is, many such kinds of people do repent and turn to Jesus Christ and find in Him deliverance. Even MacArthur admits at the end of this message that there is still room for national repentance and restoration. Where such vile conduct does affect society in general and a nation in particular is where such behavior becomes codified in law. MacArthur is right to rail against the low morality of our nation, as we all should, but our very condemnation and renunciation of such behavior may be the catalyst God uses for bringing about moral change. So was the effect of the prophetic message in the OT. In the end, however, times will get worse, according to Jesus, leading to the rapture of Christian believers and to tribulational judgment on those who persist in doing evil. Until that time, America and every other nation are the subjects of God’s mercy.

  4. Black Conversative Says:

    Amen! Dr. John McArthur. You are right. God has abandoned America. They are left to their own ruined. Praise God for a Pastor who has the encouraged to speak out against the Destructive Iron Triangle of Secular Humanisn and the Obamanationism.

  5. Dave Jeffers Says:

    Absolutely right Kerry, the pulpits across America have been abandoned for a century now. Pity, these pastors should read their American history and they will see that it was pastors who were primarily responsible for the First Great Awakening and the revolutionary spirit that finally manifested itself in the Declaration of Independence.

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