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Buy Atarax Without Prescription, Today, I sent out the following e-mail to Jay Sekulow, the head of American Center for Law and Justice, and copied many of the top conservative and Christian pro-family, media legal and political leaders in the country. 

Listening to Sekulow on his national radio show portray himself as a pro-family, pro-life, rule of law conservative Christian, I had to ask him this question. I know that he received the e-mail since I sent it to his private e-mail address as well as his assistant's. Atarax class, We'll see if he has enough honesty and integrity to answer my very direct and pertinent question. After all, is Atarax addictive, Atarax online cod, Sekulow is one of the top "Christian" "conservative" leaders in the country and a huge Romney supporter and Romney, after winning the CPAC straw poll last month (with a whopping 21% of the vote), buy Atarax online cod, Atarax street price, is the leading GOP presidential candidate in 2012.


As as the head of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), you claim to stand for and defend the rule of law, Atarax dangers, Effects of Atarax, separation of powers, religious liberty, where to buy Atarax, Atarax dosage, and the sanctity of human life and the natural human family. In fact, Atarax from canadian pharmacy, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, you have raised tens of millions of dollars promoting these causes (much of which you have used to enrich yourself and your family.

Yet, buy generic Atarax, Cheap Atarax no rx, you endorsed (and continue to support) the man for President of the United States (Mitt Romney) who:

    • Established abortion with a $50 co pay as a “healthcare benefit” (AFTER his supposed “pro life conversion”) in his socialist healthcare plan that was endorsed by Hillary, Teddy K, Atarax pics, Atarax maximum dosage, and Planned Parenthood.

    • Appointed a Planned Parenthood member to his healthcare advisory board (AFTER his supposed “pro-life conversion”) and no pro-life appointed representative, Buy Atarax Without Prescription.

    • Illegally instituted same sex “marriage” without an accompanying legal statute to fulfill an earlier promise to the Log Cabin Republicans not to oppose same sex “marriage” in return for their endorsement. (There was no “court order” as Romney has falsely asserted as you know.) 

    • Boosted government funding for pro-homosexuality indoctrination of schoolchildren, and refused to order his education officials to enforce parents’ legal right to protect their own children from unwanted indoctrination about homosexuality, Atarax images. Atarax long term,

    • Forced Catholic Charities to place children with homosexual couples or go out of business (which they ultimately did) even though he was not required to do so by law, Atarax steet value. Atarax natural,

    • Forced Catholic Hospitals to provide the abortion pill claiming that he was required by law to do so even though Mike Dukakis admitted there was no law that existed which required Romney to do so.

    • Opposes a ban on homosexual scoutmasters.

    • Favors sexual orientation “anti-discrimination” laws for homosexuals, Atarax samples, Order Atarax online c.o.d, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgenders.

    • Opposed the Bush Tax Cuts.

    • Raised taxes and fees by over $900 million as governor which has destroyed the Massachusetts economy.

    • Implemented a socialist healthcare plan endorsed by Planned Parenthood that in the words of the Wall St. Journal is in “intensive care” whose costs are estimated to more than double and which the Cato Institute and Boston Globe has said is a total failure.

    • Lied about seeing his father march with MLK, being a hunter “pretty much (his) whole life,” and about being endorsed by the NRA in 2002. 




Jay, how can you continue to claim every day on your national show on Salem Radio that you are championing the very Christian and conservative values, institutions and causes that Mitt Romney (the man you endorsed for president of the United States of America and continue to support) achieved so much success in destroying?

Isn't it time Jay, that you come clean with the millions of Christians you speak to every day and who donate millions to your organization and apologize to them for portraying the Founding Father of sodomy "marriage" and the 50 dollar tax-subsidized abortion as a pro-family rule of law conservative and retract your endorsement of Romney and any support for him in the future?

I think they deserve to know the truth.

Don't you Jay?


Gregg Jackson


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