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Buy Proscar Without Prescription, This was my first appearance on Rick's show. It's always a pleasure talking with a kindred spirit like Rick, Proscar treatment. Proscar no prescription, Since Rick was familiar with my situation at Salem where my show was cancelled because I told the truth about how many of their programmers and hosts either took money from, suppressed the truth about or lied for the Founding Father of sodomy "marriage" and the 50 dollar co-pay abortion, online buying Proscar, Proscar class, Mitt Romney.

As it turns out, Proscar description, Where can i cheapest Proscar online, Rick experienced something similar with Salem "Christian" Radio a few years back.

Here is the interview which ran May 1st, Proscar recreational, Proscar dose, 2009 and begins at 10 minutes and 50 seconds into the show where we discuss why the Obama "fairness doctrine" is nothing compared to the Christian/conservative talk radio "fairness doctrine."

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5 Responses to “Buy Proscar Without Prescription”

  1. Mark Scheiderer Says:


    I heard the show and thought it was EXCELLENT! I passed the info about yourself on to two other talk shows: Call to Decision (which airs at the same time as Tru News) and Radio Liberty.

    Just found out yesterday that Salem is over $300 Million in debt!
    (Just Google “Salem Radio + Debt”.) Hopefully, their end is near. They’ve been all about futile political involvement and have prostituted themselves for years. As long as their ego is stroked (and $troked ) they’ll do anything.

    Political correctness started in the church years ago, and Salem is the best example of truth suppression. They have no qualms about erring heresy and error, but one better not dare promote Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin or any other non-RepubliCON when one calls in.

    God speed to their demise. They’ve led the American Church astray as much as the heretics on TBN.


  2. Mark Scheiderer Says:

    I should have typed “airing heresy and error” in the 4th line from the bottom in my post above, but I guess it can be taken as a slight play on words.

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks for your kind words Mark. Let’s just pray that God reveals the truth so that people are not deceived by the Salem Radios of this world.


  4. Rosemary Says:

    You sound wonderful. I had to wait until I could listen to the whole thing. God bless your family and you.

  5. admin Says:

    Thanks Rosemary. God’s best to you as well:-)

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