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Amikacin For Sale, Since many potential 2012 GOP presidential candidates have essentially taken themselves out of the running over the past few weeks (S.C. Governor Mark Sanford and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin), many of Mitt Romney's supporters have re-surfaced writing articles like this one ("Romney Rising") in favor of the man whom counterfeit conservative Ann Coulter said was "manifestly the GOP's best candidate" in spite of his fully documented radical left wing record, buy Amikacin online no prescription.

One false claim the Romniacs consistently assert is that Romney had little choice but to cover abortions in his quasi-socialist healthcare plan, Amikacin pics, CommonwealthCare. The state Supreme Court, they argue, Amikacin from canadian pharmacy, had ruled in 1981 that the Massachusetts Constitution confers on Massachusetts women an even broader right to abortion than does the U.S. Amikacin for sale, Constitution. It restated, in a 1997 decision, they argue further, that the state must pay for medically necessary abortions if it pays for all other medically necessary procedures including services in connection with childbirth, Amikacin For Sale.

The court decision the Romney's apologists cites is a 1981 MSJC decision that concluded that the state constitution required payment for abortion services for medicaid eligible women, order Amikacin online overnight delivery no prescription. (Moe v Secretary of Admin & Findance, Amikacin steet value, 1981) which was re-affirmed in 1997 in (Planned ParenthoodLeague fo Massachusetts v. Attorney General, 1997), rx free Amikacin. Both were only declaratory OPINIONS. Amikacin For Sale, The court can only interpret the law in specific cases. No prescription Amikacin online, But they can't make law. Only the legislature can do that. The Massachusetts Courts have no power to create, herbal Amikacin, suspend, Amikacin results, or alter law. In short, these opinions were just that.., Amikacin dosage. opinions, Amikacin For Sale. They were not orders. Order Amikacin no prescription, And the legislature never created any law that required any government subsidized healthcare plan to cover abortions. Romney's bill was the first that included this provision.

Romney used his line item veto authority to strike down eight sections of the healthcare bill that he found objectionable, Buy Amikacin from mexico, including the expansion of dental benefits to Medicaid recipients. But he did not strike Planned Parenthood's guaranteed board representative role on his advisory board (with no pro-life representative appointee incidentally) and did nothing to prohibit tax payer funded abortions in his plan. Amikacin For Sale, ("Romney's Health Care Vetoes," Associated Press, 4/12/06)

Romney's health plan (Commonwealthcare) that he signed into law (after his stage-managed "pro-life conversion") covers all abortions with a $50 co-payment (abortion on demand), with no "medically necessary" conditions to it. That's a HUGE difference the Romney folks conveniently ignore. Romney deceptively has argued that an "independent commission" was responsible for the tax subsidized abortions, but that is a lie intended to confuse people, Amikacin without a prescription. Only the governor has the authority to sign laws into effect. Where can i order Amikacin without prescription, "Independent commissions" appointed by the governor have no constitutional authority aside from what the governor himself ascribes to it. Ultimately, only the governor has the constitutional authoirty to administer and enforce the laws and statutes of the state over which he presides, Amikacin maximum dosage.

Sorry, but the "I'm not responsible for the $50 co-pay abortions in the healthcare plan I signed into law., Amikacin For Sale. the independent commission is" alibi is pure tripe. Ordering Amikacin online, Bunk. A blatant lie.

The 1981 court decision cited by Romney's defenders only relates to that specific case, where can i buy Amikacin online, or at the most medicaid programs, Amikacin coupon, not "all" publicly funded health programs. The Massachusetts Constitution does not allow courts to change laws, or to give orders to the Legislature.   Amikacin For Sale, In any case, the court didn't "order" anything in this situation.

The bottom line is that Mitt Romney, and Mitt Romney alone signed Commonwealthcare into law that established abortion with a $50 co-pay as a healthcare benefit--something no liberal Democrat has ever been able to accomplish.  Perhaps this explains why it was endorsed by Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood.

There was no statute or law prior to Commonwealthcare becoming law that mandated government coverage and funding for abortions.

When Romney and his apologists claim that Romney had no other choice but to include tax-payer funded abortions in his healthcare plan, order Amikacin from mexican pharmacy, they are lying. Amikacin photos,

Plain and simple.

By the way: Romney also lied when he claimed that he was only "following a court order" when he unilaterally, illegally and unconstitutionally authorized the alterations to and issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples without a binding, accompanying, Amikacin images, enabling statute. Canada, mexico, india, Documented Proof Here

 Update: My friend John Haskins of sent an e-mail to somebody who claimed that the "independent commission" Romney set up as part of his healthcare plan (CommonwealthCare) was responsible for covering abortions at $50 each and not Romney himself. Here is John's reply which is well worth reading:

I believe you have the facts wrong.  My recollection is that the $50 abortions were a pre-packaged part of what Romney signed in with his pen, Amikacin without prescription, and that he did this knowingly.  
That's why when he got caught, Purchase Amikacin for sale, he and his mafia tried to pretend that judges had forced him to do it.
More fundamentally, you do not seem to understand that the entire line of argument you're using is precluded by the form of government framed by our state and federal Constitutions, Amikacin For Sale.
"Independent authority?"  Independent of whom?  Of the People?  Sorry. Unconstitutional. 
Independent of the three constitutional branches of government which the People have established?  Nope.  Unconstitutional
To create a fourth branch of government you'd first have to amend the Federal Constitution so that Massachusetts can dump the required "republican form of government" with exactly three branches, buy no prescription Amikacin online.
Lawmaking authority is vested in the elected representatives in the Legislature. 
The Chief Executive is the "Supreme Executive Magistrate."  He has supreme authority over the entire Executive Branch.  Constitutional amendments over the years have chipped away at the MA governor's authority by making the Treasurer, Amikacin from mexico, Secretary of State, Atty. General, Amikacin trusted pharmacy reviews, etc. Amikacin For Sale, elected rather than appointed. Amikacin street price,  
But neither Romney nor the Legislature had any legal authority to create an independent branch of government not under the "Supreme Executive Magistrate": governor Willard Mitt Romney himself.
This is a routine deception that MA politicians use to fool the people.  They've created dozens of "independent" agencies and authorities which could only be independent if they are outside the boundaries of the Constitution!  They then place their friends, families and campaign donors in powerful, Amikacin no prescription, overpaid positions, Amikacin pharmacy, unanswerable to the People, because they are called "independent."  This illegal trick is also used to insulate the governor and legislators against democratic blowback for unpopular policies as well as corruption.
Bottom line, real brand Amikacin online, Tim: there's no room for "independent authorities" in the America form of government.  That's what constitutions are for.  To whatever degree Romney's health care authority actually is "independent, Amikacin cost, "  it is illegal  - just like the Gay, Bisexual and Lesbian Youth Commission "established" by the MA Legislature, just like the Federal Reserve Bank.  And Romney knows it.  It is no more legal than the Mafia.  The Mafia has no constitutional authority to make laws, after Amikacin, regulations, shape public policy or use taxpayers' money for carrying out murder.
It's just like when state legislators create separate "off-budget" expenditures as a trick to subvert a constitutional requirement for a balanced budget.  Of course it's still part of the budget, but they call it "off-budget" to justify their criminal subversion of the rule of law. 
Romney literally signed the death warrant for countless babies.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  It is just that simple.













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