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This is exactly why my son will NEVER Periactin For Sale, attend a government run indoctrination factory (i.e. a public school), Periactin without prescription. Periactin alternatives, Can you imagine the 24 news coverage and outrage there would have been if a public school had forced children to sing a "Hail to George Bush" song.

What has our nation come to when little children are brain-washed and indoctrinated by their "teachers" to sing praise songs to an illegal alien, is Periactin addictive, Where can i buy Periactin online, anti-Semitic, pro-abort, Periactin trusted pharmacy reviews, Is Periactin safe, pro-sodomy, gun grabbing, low dose Periactin, Periactin cost, Marxist usurper.

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6 Responses to “Periactin For Sale”

  1. Glenn E. Chatfield Says:

    It makes me want to lose my cookies.

  2. TBOB Says:

    Let me understand Gregg. There a millions of children in the public school system. You see one video from one school singing a congratulatory song to our standing president, and now the entire public school system is “a government run indoctrination factory.” Have you forgotten that well over 50% of public school funding come from the state and local level? How is this hyperbole of yours contributing to any dialog about any of the issues you claim to hold dear?

  3. admin Says:


    All govt run “public schools” promote the religion of Humanism (which is anti-Biblical) and have since C.F. Potter and Dewey in the early 20th century designed public schools to do so.

    It bears repeating a quote from C.F. Potter, founder of the NY Humanist Society regarding using the public schools to indoctrinate children from his book “Humanism: a New Religion”:

    Education is a most powerful ally of Humanism & every American school is a school of Humanism. What can the theistic Sunday schools, meeting for an hour once a week, & teaching only a fraction of the children do to stem the tide of a five-day program of Humanistic religion teaching? So very Humanistic is modern education that no religion has a future unless it be Humanism. The religion of tomorrow in America & all the world may not be in all respects identical with the religious Humanism we are advocating in this book, but it will be mightily like it & of the same spirit.”

    Additionally, no tax-subsidized (i.e. govt institution) should be promoting any political candidates… especially schools. Why should I as a tax-payer have to fund political speech, especially political speech to which I am opposed?

    This is nothing more than brainwashing of children using tax payer funding to do it. The teachers and principal who allowed this to happen should be fired immediately.

    Guaranteed if public school kids were forced to sing a pro-Bush song you would have been singing a much different tune.


  4. TBOB Says:

    I guarantee you, Gregg, that YOU didn’t say boo when students were singing on the front lawn of the White House during the 2006 Easter Egg roll:
    “Our country stood beside us,
    People have sent us aid. Katrina could not stop us, our hopes will never fade.
    Congress, Bush and FEMA People across our land
    Together have come to rebuild us and we join them hand-in-hand!”

  5. admin Says:

    TBOB, there is a huge difference between children signing patriotic songs at the White House and children in a public school being forced to sing songs praising the president.

    But if as you say there were students who were forced by their teachers to sing pro-Bush songs (you provide no actual proof that it ever happened) I would be opposed to that as well for the exact same reasons I am in opposition to the pro-obama songs being sung.

  6. Bill Says:

    This video has been removed – new ones are at

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