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Reglan For Sale, For those of you still under the delusion that Fox News (Hannity, O'Reily, Beck) is the "conservative" alternative to the leftist pro-Obama MSM, you need to listen to Rick Wiles' October 14th interview (4th from top) with Pator James David Manning here

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  1. Mary Bell Says:

    I am afraid that I cannot agree with the good pastor on this issue. I don’t know anyone who has ever thought that Bill O’Reilly was a conservative. Hannity is only able to regurgitate a set of talking points that have been previously rehearsed. Beck has been relentless in logically putting together a body of evidence against this Marxist regime that is in the White House. If any of you Christian believers don’t think that Marxism is an enemy of every thing that is godly, then I suggest you look at your history books again. (the older, more reliable ones) I believe the reason Beck did not go after Jennings is because his boss told him to let Hannity have at least one of the czars, since Hannity is now lower than Beck in the Fox ratings. The White House may very well be putting on a show, but it isn’t because no one at Fox is attacking them.

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