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Buy Nexium Without Prescription, These days everybody seems to be "conservative." No doubt that just about every 2012 GOP presidential candidate will claim to be more conservative than all the other candidates. Nexium over the counter, In an effort to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, here are 10 questions conservative and Christian organizations and media pundits should ask the candidates so that the GOP doesn't nominate another RINO establishment liberal in a Ronald Reagan costume (in the mold of Romney, Nexium dose, Nexium canada, mexico, india, McCain, Guiliani, real brand Nexium online, Order Nexium no prescription, Bush, Dole, about Nexium, Buy Nexium without prescription, Gingrich, Palin etc...) If they do, ordering Nexium online, Purchase Nexium online, they will only have themselves to blame for 4 more years of the illegal alien, ex-Crack smoking, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy Nexium without a prescription, Community Organizer, Muslim, is Nexium safe, Nexium street price, Commie in the White House...

1, purchase Nexium. Nexium brand name, Is Roe v Wade the "law of the land?" (If "yes" than candidate not conservative.)

2. Do governors and presidents have a constitutional obligation to ignore unconstitutional court opinions such as Roe, order Nexium online c.o.d, Where can i cheapest Nexium online, Kelo, Lawrence, Nexium natural, Online Nexium without a prescription, Goodridge, California re:Marriage, Nexium trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy cheap Nexium no rx, Varnum, etc..., Nexium pictures. (if "no" then candidate not conservative.)

3, Buy Nexium Without Prescription. Order Nexium from mexican pharmacy, Is the inalienable right to our own lives including all pre-born babies the most fundamental right we possess. (if "no" then candidate not a conservative.)

4, Nexium used for. Online buying Nexium, Can any law contrary to God's Natural Law ever be constitutional or legal. (if "yes" then candidate not conservative.)

5, rx free Nexium. Buy Nexium Without Prescription, Are you confident that Barack Hussein Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve as President considering the fact that he has yet to release his state certified long-form birth certificate showing the hospital he was born in, the physician who delivered him and the time of his birth proving that he is a natural born U.S. Generic Nexium, citizen. (if "yes" then candidate not a conservative.)

6, purchase Nexium online no prescription. Nexium alternatives, Is sodomy immoral. (if "no" then candidate not conservative.)

7, Nexium no prescription. Can "homosexual marriage" ever be legal even if "voter approved" since no law contrary to God's Natural Law can ever be "legal?" (if "yes" then candidate not conservative.)

8, Buy Nexium Without Prescription. Purchase Nexium for sale, Can any bill that ends with the 6 words, "then you can kill the baby" such as the "ban on partial birth abortion" (which has never saved even 1 baby despite raising a quarter of a billion dollars for the leading "Christian" and "conservative" pro-life, comprar en lĂ­nea Nexium, comprar Nexium baratos, Buy no prescription Nexium online, pro-family and legal organizations) ever be considered pro-life legislation. (if "yes" then candidate neither conservative nor pro-life.)

9, Nexium forum. Nexium for sale, Will you try to pass a Personhood Human Life Amendment to the Constitution that would outlaw all abortions from the very moment of conception since Personhood (written into the GOP platform by Ronald Reagan) is the core plank of the GOP platform. (if "no" then candidate not conservative.)

10. Can you name one GOP appointed justice on the Supreme Court that has stated or written that pre-born babies possess an inalienable right to life which may never be violated for any reason. (if "yes" then candidate neither conservative nor honest).

Bonus Question: Is Jesus who He claims to be. ("the Way, the Truth and the Life" and the only way to God in Heaven?) (if "no" as President Bush said, then candidate neither a conservative nor a Christian.).

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2 Responses to “Buy Nexium Without Prescription”

  1. william odom Says:

    You havent asked Connstitutional republican presidential candidate John Dummett any of these questions…Laurie Roth is not the only constitutional candidate running for President…See john Dummett at and u will come away with a new understanding…Who do u think has been the brainchild behind all these lawsuits against the DNC, and state electors to keep obama off the ballot..Many people it was Orly Taitz, but they are seriously wrong…The person who first thought of thjis was John Dummett…He will answer all your questions and even more…Please call me, william odom, his campaign manager at 352.427.7860…thanks, bill

  2. Don Says:


    Anyone who believes that Jesus backs the Conservative Christian Right is NOT a Christian.

    In fact, if you met Christ today, you would probaly call him a “commie fag mama’s boy” and choose one of several favorite redneck punishments (i.e. drag Him behind a pick up truck or tie him to a fence and lesve him to die.

    If you want to intrepret the Bible literally, you will have to outlaw premarital sex, shaving and this gem:

    “For everyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death. He has cursed his father or his mother. His blood shall be upon him.” (Leviticus 20:9)

    Imagine what would happen today if we killed every child who was disrespectful to his parents. Fundamentalists explain this verse away, saying that it is part of the Old Levitical Holiness Code and is not meant to be taken literally.

    But the above verse is just a mere 3 verses before Leviticus 20:13, one of their favorite anti-gay scriptures which, of course, they do choose to apply literally.

    It’s just incredible, isn’t it?

    Fundamentalists change their entire methodology of scriptural interpretation when it suits their purpose, even when dealing with verses that are a just couple of sentences away from each other!

    Stop pretending to be “Christian” when your heart is so full of hate and intolerance.

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