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I listened to the Personhood Townhall Forum last night on my friend Steve Deace's national radio program and was very encouraged that 4 of the signers of the USA Personhood Pledge Augmentin For Sale, appeared on the show to answer questions from Steve and Personhood USA President, Keith Mason.

While I am skeptical of the varying levels of understanding and commitment to the the Pledge, Augmentin interactions, Order Augmentin no prescription, I am greatly encouraged by the fact that 4 leading presidential candidates actually signed on to the Personhood Pledge which essentially states that all human life from fertilization to natural death are fully human persons who possess a God given right to their own lives which may never be violated by any individual state without exception.

But as encouraging as these developments are, no prescription Augmentin online, Augmentin wiki, it is clear to me that most of the GOP candidates (to varying degrees) sadly don't understand the basics of the law, why civil government primarily exists, order Augmentin from mexican pharmacy, Kjøpe Augmentin på nett, köpa Augmentin online, what the primary duty of the president of the United States is, and what presidents are obligated to do when courts issue unconstitutional opinions, buy Augmentin from canada. Augmentin overnight, For example, Steve asked each one of the candidates as president what they would do if Personhood legislation were passed and the Supreme Court attempted to "strike it down." None of the candidates were able to provide the correct answer, buy Augmentin online cod. Order Augmentin online c.o.d, Bachmann said she would "re-draft" and introduce new legislation. Gingrich to his credit, came the closest, saying he would limit the court's jurisdictional authority to review the legislation, Augmentin For Sale. But they all missed an even more simple solution which is that a president is obligated to ignore any unconstitutional court ruling and call for the impeachment of the judges who issued the opinion, online buying Augmentin hcl. Augmentin pharmacy, In an effort to help focus the discussion for the future, I have listed some vital questions that I believe should be asked of all the candidates in regard to law, buy Augmentin no prescription, Herbal Augmentin, life and a president's primary function and constitutional authority as well as suggested answers which I believe to be in accord with the Declaration's "Laws of Nature and Nature's God" upon which the Supreme Law of our land, the Constitution, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Where can i buy cheapest Augmentin online, is founded.

If we are going to have presidents who are going to abide by their oaths, doses Augmentin work, Augmentin price, coupon, I believe we need to spell out for them what is expected of them. (Sad that we have to do that, buy cheap Augmentin. Augmentin For Sale, But that is unfortunately where we are at in this country.) I don't want to hear another candidate say that as their first official act as president they will "defund Planned Parenthood." While they should be defunded, the first thing a president is constitutionally obligated to do is to criminalize murder of pre-born babies when individual states fail to do so. Augmentin from canadian pharmacy, How I long to hear even one candidate say so.

So, effects of Augmentin, Where can i order Augmentin without prescription, here are the questions and answers I believe every presidential candidate should easily be able to articulate when asked.

What is the law? Any custom, Augmentin online cod, Augmentin images, standard or rule of conduct in accordance with God’s Divinely Inspired Word or the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” As Aquinas said, “any law contrary to God’s Law is no law at all.”

What is the primary purpose of civil government? To protect inalienable (i.e, what is Augmentin. Australia, uk, us, usa, God given) rights, chief among them, about Augmentin, Buy Augmentin from mexico, according to Jefferson and the Founders, the right to life for all innocent persons, buy Augmentin without a prescription.

When does human life begin, Augmentin For Sale. Augmentin class, God’s Word says that life begins in the womb when the baby is first conceived and science confirms that at the very moment the male sperm inseminates the female egg a new human person is created with 46 chromosomes and a totally unique set of DNA from any other human being that he or she will have for the rest of their lives. Fully human and fully living, Augmentin without a prescription. Purchase Augmentin, Are pre-born babies persons? Yes, from the very beginning of physical development (at fertilization) the pre-born baby is a living human person made in the very image of God, Augmentin dosage. Where can i buy Augmentin online, Does the 14th Amendment apply to pre-born babies. Augmentin For Sale, Yes. This is a self-evident truth, Augmentin used for. Pre-born babies are living human persons and are therefore entitled to the same “due process of law” and “equal protection under the laws” as are all other innocent human persons regardless of their size, skin color, or age.

Do individual states have an obligation to enforce the 14th Amendment. Yes, they have the obligation to enforce all Constitutional Law especially the God given right to life.

What is the Constitutional duty of the president when individual states fail to enforce the 14th Amendment, Augmentin For Sale. As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, the president is obligated to enforce the 14th amendment when individual states fail to do so.

As president, would you abide by your oath and enforce the inalienable right to life for all innocent persons when individual states fail to do so. Yes

How would you do it? As my first official act as president, I would call on the states to enforce the 14th amendment and end all abortions in their states. If they failed to do so within 24 hours I would issue an executive order closing down all abortion clinics and prosecuting any murders of any innocent pre-born babies in any state where the state governments allowed the murders to take place. Augmentin For Sale, No state possesses the right to alienate inalienable rights, especially the right to life.

So is Personhood legislation not necessary? I believe the Declaration, Preamble to the Constitution and 5th and 14th Amendments already guarantee the inalienable right to life for all human persons which obviously include babies in the womb who are, as we have already acknowledged, fully human living persons and that a president needs no additional laws to protect and defend their lives. But I would welcome any legislation that would further codify into statutory and Constitutional law that all pre-born babies from beginning of physical development at fertilization are persons who possess the God given right to their own lives. In the meantime, I would abide by my oath to enforce the inalienable right to life for all innocent human persons from fertilization to natural death.

What if the courts attempted to “strike down” or “overturn” your Personhood legislation? I would ignore any judicial opinions not in accord with the Supreme Law of the Land and the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” as I am obligated to do as president and as all elected officials are obligated to do in every branch and at every level of government. Adams, Jackson, and Lincoln all ignored unconstitutional rulings and so would I. I would tell them, “thanks for your opinion. How do you plan on enforcing it?” The president’s main duty is to enforce the Supreme Law of the Land, not unconstitutional court opinions.

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  1. Ken Peterson Says:

    Wise Words, Thank You Mr. Jackson!

    “How I long to hear even one candidate say so!”
    This was spoken by a 2012 candidate.
    …and for the last 3 decades by Dr. Alan L. Keyes.

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