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Over the past couple of months in discussions relating to my new book Buy Cialis Without Prescription, I co-authored with nationally syndicated radio host, Steve Deace, “We Won’t Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong and How to Make America Right Again,” I am often asked whether or not Christians should support the “lesser of two evils” Mitt Romney if he faces off against Barack Obama in November.

I have written recently on why I as a Christian cannot vote for Romney under any circumstances mainly because Christians are never permitted to “do evil that good may come of it.”

But for the sake of argument, buy Cialis online cod, Doses Cialis work, I will concede the point that Christians are permitted to vote for the “lesser of two evils” and ask the question, based on their actual records, cheap Cialis, Online Cialis without a prescription, which the more evil of the two is…Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

On many social and economic issues Obama and Romney are virtually indistinguishable, where can i order Cialis without prescription. Cialis price, coupon, Obama supports homosexual “education” in public schools. As governor, order Cialis from mexican pharmacy, Cialis dosage, Romney boosted funding for homosexual and transgender “queer education” starting in kindergarten and sponsored and issued proclamations for “youth gay pride” events.

Obama and Romney Both:

Support state level ENDA (Employment Nondiscrimination Act) legislation that would force religious organizations to hire homosexuals, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and transgenders or be fined or put out of business, Buy Cialis Without Prescription.

Oppose legislation banning openly homosexual Boy Scout Masters, comprar en línea Cialis, comprar Cialis baratos. Cialis without prescription, Made promises to the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans to advance their agenda in return for their endorsement. Romney promised them he could out-gay Teddy K when running for Senate against him in 1994 and promised them that in return for their endorsement for governor in 2002 not to oppose “gay marriage.”

Have been strong supporters of "gun control."

Criticized Joint Chiefs of Staff, Cialis reviews, Generic Cialis, Peter Pace for saying that homosexual behavior is “immoral.”

Opposed the Bush Tax Cuts.

Supported Bush-McCain-Kennedy Amnesty, real brand Cialis online. Buy Cialis Without Prescription, Supported McCain-Lieberman “Cap and Trade.”

Supported McCain-Feingold “Campaign Finance Reform.”

Stated that they believe “global warming” is anthropogenic. Where can i cheapest Cialis online, Nominated open homosexuals to the courts.

Documented Proof Links Here

So, low dose Cialis, Cialis for sale, I guess at this point, if one were keeping score, Cialis blogs, Fast shipping Cialis, Obama and Romney would be in a virtual dead heat in terms of their support for and advancement of evil (assuming, as I assume most Christians and conservatives would, Cialis photos, Cialis canada, mexico, india, that support for and advancement of godless and immoral "laws" could rightfully be considered evil).

But there are a few major areas where Romney actually pulls ahead of Obama in the area of promoting and advancing evil, Cialis maximum dosage. Buy generic Cialis,

Gregg, come on, Cialis from canada. Now you have gone too far, Buy Cialis Without Prescription. Order Cialis online overnight delivery no prescription, What are you talking about. After all, effects of Cialis, Cialis steet value, our leading celebrity conservative talker/pundits tell us all the time that Obama is the most evil president we have ever had. And virtually none of them in the national media has ever once even mentioned the types of "evil" things you are attributing to Romney, Cialis samples. Cialis from mexico, Well, which is more evil, order Cialis online c.o.d. Buy Cialis Without Prescription, Obamacare. Cialis images, Or its harbinger, Planned Parenthood-Teddy Kennedy-Hillary Clinton endorsed Romneycare that served as the very model for Obamacare but went even further to the left of Obamacare in that Romeycare subsidizes free and $50 co-pay elective surgical abortions, discount Cialis. Cialis schedule,

Which is more evil. Obama’s recent attempt to force Catholic Hospitals to cover “emergency contraception” (chemical abortion pills) or Mitt Romney who was actually the first to force Catholic Hospitals to issue abortafascients even though he was not permitted to by law which even Mike Dukakis has stated publicly, Cialis alternatives. Order Cialis from United States pharmacy, Which is more evil. Obama who claims that he supports limiting marriage to one man and one woman but supports reciprocal benefits and civil unions or Mitt Romney who, buy cheap Cialis no rx, as governor, unilaterally, illegally, and unconstitutionally implemented same-sex “marriage” falsely claiming the court forced him to and forced Catholic Charities to place children with homosexual couples, again, even though he was not required to by law.

On balance, I think a very plausible argument could be made that, based on their actual records and stated positions above, Romney has actually accomplished significantly more evil than Obama.

So if we as Christians and conservatives should support the "lesser of two evils" in November, does that mean we should vote for Obama in November if Romney is his opponent.

Something to think about...

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