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This article Antabuse For Sale, that has been circulating around the Internet essentially says that Mormonism is NOT another branch of Orthodox Christianity BUT that it is ok for Christians to vote for a Mormon for president by repeating the toxic liberal lie that "we are electing a president not a preacher."

Of course what a candidate believes about The God of the Bible and His Son (God in the flesh) Jesus Christ and whether that candidate serves the Only True God is the single most important thing we can know about any candidate (or any man for that matter) since that fundamental view/belief influences where he believes our rights come from (either from The God of the Bible or from man), what he believes the central purpose of govt to be (either to protect God given inalienable rights especially the right to life or to create/regulate new rights regardless of whtether they are contrary to the "laws of nature and Nature's God") and how he will ultimately govern (either in accordance with the Divinely Revealed Law of God or in opposition to it).

So, after Antabuse, Antabuse natural, yes, what a candidate believes about the God of the Bible and the extent to which that candidate governed in the past in accordance with those beliefs, Antabuse for sale, Buying Antabuse online over the counter, is, in my humble opinion, purchase Antabuse online, Antabuse steet value, the single most significant thing we can know about him (her). Order Antabuse from United States pharmacy. Antabuse alternatives. Antabuse pictures. Purchase Antabuse for sale. What is Antabuse. Antabuse pics. Fast shipping Antabuse. Antabuse description. Antabuse wiki. Rx free Antabuse. Buy Antabuse online no prescription. Antabuse without prescription. Antabuse treatment. Cheap Antabuse no rx. Antabuse used for. Order Antabuse from United States pharmacy. Taking Antabuse. Antabuse no rx. Cheap Antabuse no rx. Buying Antabuse online over the counter. Antabuse gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Ordering Antabuse online. Antabuse street price. Antabuse schedule. Antabuse reviews. Antabuse from mexico. Antabuse trusted pharmacy reviews. Antabuse treatment. Antabuse over the counter.

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2 Responses to “Antabuse For Sale”

  1. Scott Evans Says:

    I wonder the same about Catholics:

    How could a person who was saved by grace through faith in Jesus alone and sealed by the Holy Spirit, join a church that condemns his faith?

    How can a person who has trusted the blood of Christ for the purification of all sins join a church that teaches sins must be purged in purgatory?

    How can a person who believes the work of his redemption was perfect, sufficient and finished 2000 years ago join a church that says indulgences can be obtained for the remission of punishment for sins?

    How can a person who has the assurance of eternal life based on the promises of God join a church which calls this a “sin of presumption”?

    How can a person who believes “by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified” join a church which makes daily offerings for sin?

    How can a person be saved by believing the true Gospel join a church which is condemned for preaching another gospel (Gal. 1:6-9)?

    How can a person who submits to the headship and lordship of Jesus Christ join a church which submits to another head?

  2. Jim West Says:

    It\’s a matter of the degree of error when one makes religion the test. I find Mormonism, not only blasphemous towards the God of the Bible, but filled with unintelligible nonsense which no sane individual could hardly ascribe to. The only explanation for those seemingly intelligent people who do is found in 2 Cor. 4:4, \"The god of this world has blinded the minds of those who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them.\" I believe the Constitution forbids disqualifying anyone from holding office by applying a litmus test. Of course, that means one cannot be denied holding an office on the grounds of his religion. But it doesn\’t mean a citizen may not personally reject a candidate on the basis of his religion. The truth is, from the very beginning of our nation, some of those we now revere as \"Founders\" embraced some blasphemous religious errors, such as denial of the Trinity and denial of the deity of Christ, and yet they served acceptably well in their office. What they adhered to was a common loyalty to the Founding document, the Constitution, and they swore (on a Bible) their fealty to it. Since that time, no doubt, some have taken that oath and not faithfully kept their word. Thankfully, our system of government has a means for correcting such infidelity; we can martial our forces and remove them from office. An even stronger measure can be used — impeachment. The issue that concerns many of us is that events are moving so quickly, the world is in such a state of flux, we dare not make a mistake in choosing leadership that could cost us our nation. Four years used to be a period quite long enough for a President to change course and correct his early mistakes. Bill Clinton did it. This last President, however, has so damaged our economy, plunged us into such irresolvable debt, damaged our influence abroad nearly beyond repair, and generated division among us to the point of egregious disrespect one to another. Even some liberal media are saying that Obama has to go (recent Newsweek). I don\’t know if even Romney can heal so many rifts. He has some laudible personal qualities (if one doesn\’t hold against him so many flip-flops on moral issues). So many Christians are asking this question: \"Can a Christian, should a Christian vote for Romney?\" If one desires to participate in saving the nation from a worse disaster, maybe any other vote is simply an exercise in futility. Any person who does his research will be sorely discouraged. At various times in the past Romney has supported some of the same issues that we find so objectionable about Obama. The question is: Can we trust Romney to embrace and remain loyal to the current Republican Platform, given his wavering in the past? Will he abide by his oath of office. I guess that is a decision each one of us has to make in the secrecy of the voting booth and in the solitude of our own consciences.

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