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3 Responses to “Toprol XL For Sale”

  1. Polaco Says:

    Abortion is not government or relegius organization business. Abortion should be discussed in private. Is a decision to be made by family not government or church. I am Republican and very conservative but please don’t tell people what to do with abortion. Let people make a decision.

  2. admin Says:

    Polaco, what other God given rights does the government have the right to violate? Freedom of speech? Religious liberty? the 2nd Amendment?

  3. William Charlton Says:


    If you are a conservative, then I will have to abandon that moniker and adopt something else that means I respect God & His Word, and the US Constitution, both of which do NOT support abortion by any stretch of the imagination.
    To fail to recognize abortion as murder (medically, Biblically, and logically) requires abandoning rational thought, which you have apparently done.

    In all probability, you are one of the growing number of Liberal drones who disguise themselves as conservatives, Republicans, Prolifers, Christians, etc, so that you can falsely and deceptively try to attack us from within.

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