Endorsements for Gregg's Book:
"We Won't Get Fooled Again"

“Bold, blunt, and unapologetically Biblical in its approach to getting America back on the track to freedom and prosperity. If you want something lukewarm or platitudes in plain flavored pablum, this book is beyond you. Give it to someone with courage and convictions. If you have courage and convictions, this book is your new soulmate.”

- Mike Huckabee, New York Times best-selling author and Fox News host

“Jackson and Deace’s first collaborative effort offers an unusual yet informed analysis of conservative politics. Instead of throwing accusation and blame like many political messages, the authors objectively critique where the right wing went wrong. More than politics, however, this book sheds light on the growing number of citizens who claim Christianity as the basis for their principles while walking a far different road...We Won’t Get Fooled Again is ideal for Evangelical Christian and Republican readers who need a reminder of the real ideology behind the founding of the GOP. More than politics, however, this book sheds light on the growing number of citizens who claim Christianity as the basis for their principles while walking a far different road. This detailed look at problems in American politics will challenge any Conservative or Evangelical Christian reader.”

- Kirkus Reviews

"Steve Deace and Gregg Jackson have certainly stirred the pot with their new book. Some of the interviews will make you squirm, and all of them will make you ask the question: As Christians, have we put our trust in the political system more than the truth of the gospel?"

- Michael L. Brown, Ph.D., host, the Line of Fire radio broadcast and author of A Queer Thing Happened to America

“Every Bible Christian in America needs to read this book. It explains (with uncomfortable clarity) why we have failed to effectively oppose the slaughter of 60 million unborn children and the devastation of the family. Politically active Christians have failed to discern the difference between 'Thus saith the Lord' and 'This is what I think.' Instead of standing faithfully for the truth of God in defense of life and family we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by party bosses in the name of realism and political expedience. God is not the mascot of the Republican Party. Until we are prepared to do what is right without compromise and leave the outcome to the Lord we are salt without savor. Heed this prophetic call to repentance and faithfulness.”

-Pastor Laurence White, American Renewal Project

"...in an age where many conservative commentators simply boil down their arguments to 'It’s their fault; we’re right and they’re wrong,' Deace and Jackson are brave enough to admit that the movement—and even their own work in it—is going in the wrong direction. Anyone with an interest in today’s politics may find We Won’t Get Fooled Again an interesting read that is well researched. And as an election looms, following Deace and Jackson’s points is one way to make sure that the potential new boss is truly different from the old boss...4 out of 5 stars."

-ForeWord Clarion Book Reviews

"In We Won't Get Fooled Again, Steve and Gregg expose what I discovered long ago,that there has been a conservative industry created. Consultants, pundits,
media types and even some in the faith community use push button issues
to drive us to the polls to vote for certain candidates to protect their
deal. Conservative voters have to ask the tough question: 'Are we moving
the dial?' This is a must read for every conservative voter and if you
start reading it, you won't want to put it down."

- J.C. Watts Jr., Former U.S. Congressman from Oklahoma


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