“Repenting of sins” & “Stopping sinning” is NOT a prerequisite for salvation!


Many false teachers, such as Ray Comfort, teach a person must “turn from all their sins” and “stop sinning” as a prerequisite for salvation.

Sin is transgression of the law.

Repenting of sins is obeying the law.

Faith + obeying the law is a syncritistic mixing of faith & works and is NOT The Gospel!

If cessation from all sins were a requirement for salvation, Heaven would be a pretty empty place since the only sinless person to ever walk the earth was The God-Man, Jesus Christ. And He would have also died in vain if we could have become sinlessly perfect on our own.

Biblical salvific repentance DOESN’T mean to “repent of all individual sins” ever comitted in one’s life or to “stop sinning” (both are impossible). And if a person has claimed that they have done either, they have deceived themselves and the truth is not in him. (1st John 1:8-9) The word “repent” in the Greek as it pertains to salvation is “Metanoia” which means to “change one’s mind.”

Biblical salvific repentance is merely the changing of one’s mind frim NOT trusting in the finished redemptive work of Jesus Christ ALONE for the remission of all a person’s sins past, present & future (they were all future 2,000 yrs ago) & eternal life to TRUSTING in His finished redemptive work on The Cross ALONE for the remission of all a person’s sins and eternal life.

BELIEVING that The Eternally Existing Son of God, God The Son, Jesus Christ, died for ALL your sins past, present & future, was buried and rose again on the 3rd day according to the scriptures is the ONLY requirement for eternal salvation. (Believing The Gospel alone!!!).

Not “repenting of all individual sins ever committed” + believing The Gospel. Not “stopping sinning” + believing The Gospel. Not “turning from all sins” + believing The Gospel. Faith in the finished redemptive work of Jesus Christ + NOTHING = eternal life & eternal security! Period!!!

Neither Jesus nor any of His apostles or disciples EVER told anyone they had to “stop sinning” or “repent of their individual sins” to BE saved. Ever!!!! And I am NOT saying that AFTER a person is saved that they should not acknowledge and confess their sins one to another and to The Lord ad part of their spiritual growth and maturity.

But doing so is NOT a requirement for salvation. The ONLY requirement for salvation/eternal life is “believing in the One (God The Son, Jesus Christ) Whom God (The Father) has sent.” (John 6:29) If you have placed your faith in anything other than The Blood of Jesus and His finished redemptive work on Calvary’s Cross (His death, burial & resurrection) for the remission of ALL your sins and eternal life, I pray you repent (change your mind) & BELIEVE The Gospel ALONE and get saved today!

For TODAY is the day of salvation!!! God bless you and be encouraged!!!