Calvinism & Arminiansim: 2 Sides of the Same False Theological Coin


Big time Calvinists are always accusing Arminians of being false teachers and vice versa.

But the truth is that they are BOTH false theological man centered works based systems. They are akin to the Pharisees and Sadducees.

One group (The Sadducees) denied the resurrection of the dead and the other one (The Pharisees) didn’t. But BOTH denied that Jesus was The Son of God…The Promised Messiah..The Savior of The World!

2 sides of the same FALSE Theological Coin.

Calvinists falsely teach “limited atonement” (that Christ only died for the elect, which OF COURSE always includes themselves:-), arbitrarily chosen by God (and not for ALL the sins of the ENTIRE world as The Bible teaches), that a person is only truly saved if they have a sufficiently “changed life” (never specifically & explicitly defined, qualified or quantified but whatever arbitrary standard they have established they themselves always seem to meet/exceed), & that a genuine born again saved believer CAN’T know with certainty if they are saved and must “endure until the end” to find out (in spite of the FACT that The Apostle John, inspired by the Holy Spirit, writes: “I write these things to you that you may KNOW you HAVE eternal life.”).

In contrast, Arminians believe in and teach one must “repent of their sins” (i.e., follow the law) to be saved (in spite of the fact that the words “repent of your sins” were never uttered even one single time by either Jesus, any of His Disciples or The Apostles as a precondition to be saved). And they also deny and frequently mock eternal security (OSAS) & teach salvific loss (i.e., if you sin too much or fail to repent of all your sins). And some Arminians falsely teach that water baptism is a requirement for salvation and that speaking in tongues is required “proof” of genuine salvation.

The BOTTOM LINE is that both of these man made/man centered/works based theologies are ANTI-BIBLICAL & therefore ANTI-CHRIST and, sadly, taught in the vast majority of “churches” in America.

BUT the TRUTH is that the ONLY way to be saved for all eternity is to trust in The Eternally Existing Son of God, God The Son, Jesus Christ ALONE as Savior! Trusting in HIS finished redemptive work on The Cross ALONE (His death, burial and ressurection) for the remission of ALL your sins past, present & future and eternal life!!!!

There are NO works as a precondition, prerequisite, or requirement to BE saved or “stay saved.”

The only “work” and “will” of God is to BELIEVE on the One Whom He has sent (Jesus Christ)! (John 6:29 & 6:40)

A person is only saved (from the penalty for their sins and punishment in hell) by God’s GRACE ALONE (His unmerited favor) through FAITH ALONE (believing, trusting, being persuaded something is true) in Jesus Christ ALONE (i.e., and not in ANY of your own works)!!!!

If you have not trusted in Christ ALONE as your savior, I pray TODAY would be The Day of Salvation for you!

The NANOSECOND you trust Christ as savior you are sealed by the Holy Spirit forever and can never lose your salvation! Jesus promises you will NEVER perish or be plucked from His Hand or The Hand of The Father! It is The Greatest (FREE) Gift in the world and really the ONLY gift you will ever receive that matters for all ETERNITY!!!!

BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ and you WILL be saved.” (Acts 16:31)