5 Simple Questions Every Genuine Grace Preacher or Teacher Should Be Able To Easily Answer


Here are a few simple questions you can ask your pastor to see exactly what he believes about salvation. If he doesn’t have salvation correct, I reccomend finding another fellowship that does:-)

  1. “Pastor (fill in your pastor’s name), do you agree that a person is saved the very instant he/she believes The Gospel (that Christ died for all their sins past, present & future, was buried and rose again according to The Scriptures for their justification) & and that they immediately possess eternal life which can never be lost for any reason?”
  2. “Pastor, do you believe that a changed life is ‘proof’ of genuine salvation or is a person’s confession of faith (that they have trusted in Christ alone as savior) all that is required to determine if a person is a brother or sister in Christ?”
  3. “Pastor, do you believe that someone who has trusted Christ alone as savior (who is born again) could ever walk away and stop believing & lose their salvation?”
  4. “Pastor, do you believe that the Bible teaches that a born again believer can be blotted out of the Book of Life?”
  5. “Pastor, do you believe the Bible teaches that a person must repent of all their sins/turn from sins as a precondition to be saved or that a person must continually repent of their sins to stay saved?”

Answers: 1. yes 2.confession of faith is only requirement 3.no 4.no 5.no